Y-2 Leather

SS-13 Camel Remaining Ole Vik 7131


Y-2 Leather

SS-13 Camel Remaining Ole Vik 7131


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Pre books on our new SS-13 are now closed ! 

We will be in touch soon. 

If you missed our booking window feel free to reach out and we can put you on a standby list for any extras that may be available in August 



MATERIAL:  Steer oil

Western shirt using water-dyed steer oil.

Wearing T-shirts, thermals, etc. for the inner is a little tight size, so please wear it in just the right size.

Today I was able to do a little more measuring to help size these shirts 

I personally measure 39" around the chest , and usually wear a size 40 , Size Large Ironheart UHF , Medium in most North American pieces and Large in Japanese .. 

I wear a Size 42 in this shirt, 

I had a buddy of mine come in today who measures 45" snug and 46 comfortably , Wears an XXL in an Ironheart UHF , XL in Aorth American shirts like Dehen , XXL in Japanese, and he wears a 48 in these. 

In general most people seem to go one size up from what they measure. 

If you're a 42 chest order a 44 ect , as they seem to fit about one full size small. 

If you have any questions just message me @theshopvancouver on instagram and we can get you sorted