Wesco Boots X The Shop Vancouver "Brockie" Jobmaster PRE ORDER DEPOSIT ONLY



Wesco Boots X The Shop Vancouver "Brockie" Jobmaster PRE ORDER DEPOSIT ONLY




$499 Canadian deposit 

$500 Canadian at time of completion 


I am beyond excited to introduce to you The Shops newest collaboration boot with Oregons finest, Wesco Boots.

I've been wanting to make an everyday boot with Wesco for a few years now. Its finally time to share with you The Brockie.

Using the Jobmaster platformm we tweaked it in a way that we felt would cover all the bases for what we wanted in a daily boot. 

We cut the heel slightly shorter for those everyday moments. 

went with a 6" height so its not too short and not too tall... 

added a toe cap for just a hint of class, 

And used our Horween CXL leather that we introduced on our original collaboration Short Stack with Wesco a few years ago. 

We are so happy to introduce you to The Brockie. 

 Details : 

+Single-Tone:Forest Green Chromexcel

+6" Height

 +Semi Lace-To-Toe

+Tobacco Leather Lining

+#700 Vibram® Sole

+Dye Midsoles, Soles & Heels Brown

+2 Lifts Lower (1/2" lower heel)

+From Top Down - 3 Hooks, Rest Eyelets Brass

+Lightweight Brown Upper Stitching

+White Heavy Upper Stitching

+White Outsole Stitching

+Rawhide Leather Laces

+Dress Toe Caps



The Brockie is inspired by the one and only Dave Brockie the late singer of the band GWAR. 
For years Dave inspired me to take matters into my own hands and fostered a DIY attitude that I’ve brought to every project I’ve ever been faced with. 
I was lucky enough to meet Dave when I was pretty young , and we kept in contact over the years .. I’ll never forget seeing my phone display the name “Oderus Urungus” 
The day Dave passed away, I for some reason had an urge to go see him , I looked up the date of the GWAR-BQ and thought about messaging him to let him know I was going to come ... the next morning I found out he had passed... When I met Dave , he was the age I am now, I’ll never forget introducing him to Steve Caballero and hearing him say that he was old as fuck... ha thinking back I shake my head, looking at myself as a little punk skaterat and how this fucked up character inspired and pushed me to be the person I am today... So thanks Dave .. miss you.

If you don't see your size option. you can order the closest size and then leave me a note on the order. I will confirm with each order in regards to sizing. 

If you have a custom fit with Wesco already, there is no up-charge for a custom fit 


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