Wesco X The Shop Short Stack Olive Boss Engineer Boot



Wesco X The Shop Short Stack Olive Boss Engineer Boot


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We are beyond hyped to introduce our first Collaboration boot with Wesco. 

Inspired by the colour of the forests in our back yard, build by the best for the active lifestyle we live. 

We chopped the 10" boots down to 8" and swapped out the typical engineer sole for the #700 Vibram sole, perfect for riding motorcycles and climbing around the forests of the Pacific North West. 

Motorcycle enthusiasts have always shown a preference for the handsome Wesco® Boss but it gets as much mileage from those who just like the solid comfort and style. 

  • Rolled-leather top facing
  • Permanently formed Stytherm™ counter
  • Leather heel base
  • Non-corrosive, ribbed, slightly arched steel shank
  • Full-leather vamp lined with leather
  • Hard toe
  • Sweat-resistant full-leather insole
  • Full-leather midsole
  • Olive Leather 
  • 8" height
  • Copper roller buckles
  • Vintage triple stitching on uppers
  • MP toe with standard boss heel height
  • #700 Vibram® sole with brown edges

If you wish to have them custom made for you for a small up-charge please email us VIP@TheShopVancouver.com or give us a call 604-568-7273

These will be produced in very limited numbers for those that pre order only. 

We have the option to custom fit for a small up charge. 


I personally wear a size 10E in the Wesco Boss 

to compare , I wear a size 10 in the IronHeart Low top Sneaker , size 10 in Converse 70s Chucks Low and Hightops. 

In the Redwing Iron Ranger I wore a size 9.5.