Helmets 4 Daze

Last week we hosted a Helmet art show/ silent auction. We had 15 of the best local artists paint helmets that we donated from The Shop, along with about 50 vintage Helmets from Myk Roc and Tory… When all was said and we raised over $1500 that will be donated to the Arts Umbrella program.

DSCF3002 DSCF3007 DSCF2985 DSCF2949 DSCF3009

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A letter to MLA

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.41.55 AM

I woke up this morning to this staring me straight in the face. After yesterdays conversation with VPD Sgt Fiddler, I spent the night pouring over the rules and regulations set forth by the CVSE for motorcycles and their operating standards.

I decided to write Mr Chandra Herbert an email , and I encourage you to do the same. His email is s.chandraherbert.mla@leg.bc.ca


This month is save driving month. A crack down on texting and driving, speeding, running red lights or stop signs, drinking and driving should be the focus.
Officials should not be focusing on something that has never caused a fatality, injury or otherwise and focus on those that do.
I read this mornings Metro News article, and It’s articles and attitudes like this that make people think it’s okay to hit a motorcyclist and leave them broken in the middle of the road.
As someone that rides a motorcycle, I will say that yes there are some people that have motorcycles that make too much noise.
That said there is a larger problem that occurs when papers and the news post images and articles like this and readers read and see a completely stock bike that would have absolutely no issue with noise.
Considering over 2/3rds of all motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers, this attitude in my opinion causes more problems than the issue it would potentially solve.
When the police and politicians take a negative stance towards an issue, many citizens follow, and follow in a manor that is simply one sided to the issue..
This article says that people can’t hear their tvs as motorcycles pass. Really ? this is the issue ?
I have friends whose wrists no longer work, whose legs are broken, and whose lives are permanently impaired because, while they were breaking no laws on their perfectly legal stock bike, they were hit by someone not paying enough attention to the road.
Spencer you say that there is no evidence that supports loud pipes save lives ? Maybe that test should be done.
I know that I’ve personally heard “I didn’t see him” said as a reason many motorcycle accidents happen, is it not possible that had they heard him, they would have taken a look up from whatever it was they were paying attention to ? Earlier this year I was riding into kits when I was nearly pushed off the side of Burrard St bridge into the bike lane because my legal, quiet bike was not seen or heard.
We are some of the most vulnerable motorists on the road and the bottom line is EVERYONE needs to understand there are bigger issues than your tv show, and hearing a motorcycle before you see it, because the bike you just heard, also caught the attention of a driver that wasn’t paying attention, changing lanes, texting, or making a left hand turn before they saw the motorcycle and just saved that rider months of recovery, years of pain and possibly their life ! 
Thomas Schneider 

Within minutes I had an email from Spencer asking if we could speak on the phone.
At 2:30 Mr Chandra Herbert called and we spoke about the article and the issue at hand.
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Track Day.

Last week we had the opportunity to get involved with a track event that our friend Sam was putting on in Pemberton. Only a few days before the event, the venue called and said that their truck broke down and that the track wouldn’t be ready for Saturday.

A few scramble phone calls later it was determined that if they could figure out how to get some money together to rent the right machine, they track could be prepped and everything would be a go.

Our Friend Mitch called me shortly after and asked if The Shop Vancouver would be able to get involved. Yup, no brainer.


Lined up and ready to go.

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Wow that was a bit of a big Saturday to say the least!

the day started at 5:30 am and I’m just settling down now to check out photos from todays Flat Track event that we sponsored in Pemberton and the International Female Ride day we hosted with our girl Becky of The Dream Roll and Them Road Apples.

I wish that I could have been there today to see everyone. It sounded like an amazing ride. I hope that we can do more of this for you girls in the future.

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Saturday should be fun

In or out of town.. make it to one of these events happening this weekend.

1429652969865 1430328910324

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Mikey Revolt Photo Show

We are very excited about this! Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 3.27.18 PM

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We get by with a little help

Last week our Friend Donovan came to us with an idea to help feed a few hundred members of the residents of the Downtown East Side here in Vancouver.
A few days earlier, D set up an account that people could donate money to, on the grounds that with those funds he would go to Dominos and pick up as many large, pepperoni pizzas as he could and he’d throw a bit of a pizza party.
Our roll was simple,
Drive the pizzas and help hand em out, Easy.
1 quick post on our side and we managed to get 6 or 7 volunteers and a few more bucks to pick up some sodas, and at 1:45 on a Wednesday afternoon we picked up 105 large pizzas , 400 sodas and fed nearly 500 DTES residents.
Great job Dono, thanks for letting us be involved.
Thank you to The 2 dudes in a Van from Seattle , The Pie Shoppe and The Standard Bike shop for your helping hands.
Donovan, Pretty much the Mayor of the DTES aka Street Jesus.
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Analog Run Caleb of Cro Customs

I was thinking about contacting Caleb of Cro Customs and seeing if he would be cool with us putting together a sort of Analog run up this way in Canada. Check the video, I think heading out, even on a short run, camping and getting away from the digital distractions of life for a day or 2 would be pretty amazing.. Anyone into this ?

Tired of being chained down by the corporate handcuffs of what some would consider a prestigious Hollywood career. Caleb Owens walked away to persue his passion of motorcycles, something his older brothers introduced to him at a young age. Fast forward years later, and now Caleb is well known for building some of the best custom bikes in the world. No longer stuck in an office, his small business known as Cro Customs allows him to spend more time in the garage and on his motorcycle.

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ZZCHOP is one of those sites that I’ve been checking out for ages.. Tank Tuesdays really get me.. Check it !snakebluesmoker6

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Biltwell X Garage Company Party.

California blows my mind.
Really, that’s it.
I’m having trouble figuring out what else to write.
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