Biltwell X Garage Company Party.

California blows my mind.
Really, that’s it.
I’m having trouble figuring out what else to write.
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New Product

We have a couple of new items hitting the shelves of The Shop Vancouver this week including, The Filson 1897 Journey Man Jacket , and Levis 511 and 501.
Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.33.59 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.34.13 PM

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Art & Fuel 2


“The second year of Art and Fuel Paint Exhibit showing at Born-Free 7 will feature another great field of talented painters showcasing their amazing skills. This year the field will be expanded to 10 painters, and the winner will be crowned on the Born-Free 7 stage Saturday afternoon.” Continue reading

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This week it was announced that tj will be one of the artists in this years “Art and Fuel” show that Throttle Addiction and Chop Cult put on down at Born Free.
I’ve spent the last few days scouring the internet, and contacting potential models for the tanks that I’ll be painting.
Every day I keep getting stuck on The Peoples Chump Tumblr page. Thing is its not for what you’d think..
Im looking for ideas of girls, but man this dude finds some EPIC sickle shots.
Here is a quick sample tumblr_m29t90Q0f51r2yp21o1_1280 Continue reading

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Jon Janzen – Artist

When we announce our design contest winner Jon Janzen, a few people were bummed and expressed that they felt the design didn’t fall into a “hand done” designs aesthetic that a lot of people wanted.

What many of you don’t know is that Jon does actually make these designs by hand.

Jons been taking old maps and hand cutting silhouettes of motorcycles into them to make amazing pieces of art.

The Shop Vancouver motorcycle map graphic was taken from a series of larger pieces that Jon had recently done….

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Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.03.19 PM
Public announcement . If you’re sick of getting hassled by “the man” Remind your friends without a proper license to get one. When we were looking up traffic laws including DOT, peg, and signal requirements ext … It came up a number of times that the police focus on motorcycles because something like 35% of young motorcyclists do NOT have their class 6 motorcycle license… This stat alone gives the PoPo “the right” to pull over any rider under the assumption that You do not have the proper license to be on the road. Get it ! @ali_marie_parker photo of @actuallyitsaxel

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FTP Retirement !

It is with a heavy heart that we announce this week that we will retire The FTP shirt.
once our current stock is sold out, we will no longer be printing this T-shirt graphic.
Get em while you can in store and online

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Born A Bad Seed and The Shop Vancouver present “Bottom Shelf”

The best things in life are free (or fuckin’ cheap), so we thought this party should be too. Join Born A Bad Seed, The Shop Vancouver and Pabst Blue Ribbon for a Bottom Shelf kinda night

FREE beer to the first 100 dirtbags threw the door
(MUST RSVP on this event page by March 2nd to attend)


March 7th
Doors @ 9pm
188 Kingsway, Vancouver
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Giovanni Burlando’s Vision

Our friend Eugene sent us along this great short film over on Moto-Mucci, we thought you may enjoy it.

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The 1 Show 2015

If you’re from Vancouver and you ride a motorcycle, you know that The 1 Show has sort of become a must do event for us Canadians..

Every year we shut The Shop down for a few days to give everyone a bit of a break and to go out and have a good time. This year was just that… a Great time filled with so many great new and old friends, with tons of great bikes for us to nerd out over..

If you made it down, we hope you had a great time, if you didn’t… well next year !

here are a few of my favourite flicks from the weekend.

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