RedMoon Wallets

A lot of people have been very interested in The new RedMoon wallets that we have brought into The Shop Vancouver. 

We are very excited to be one of the only dealers of these wallets in all of North America. 

The guys in Japan sent us over this video to help us share with you the passion behind these beautiful hand made leather goods from Japan. Check out our Collection of Redmoon wallets here

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Fall Mister Freedom #1 has landed

Fall Mister Freedom #1 has landed

We are so hyped to already see our first drop form the one and only Mister Freedom for Fall. 

As always Christophe Loiron and company are up to some great shit. 

Check out his Blog post for the lastest on what to expect from 2 of the pieces we have hitting the floor this Saturday Aug 19th at 12 noon. 

We are giving our original Ranch Blouse and classic Californian 5-pocket Blue Jeans a new handsome skin for Fall 2017, adding the updated version to our catalog of made-in-USA goodies, regrouped under MF® The SPORTSMAN label.
This fabric option is an old mfsc favorite, the mighty “Okinawa 301”, a ‘hairy’ 14 Oz. left-hand twill indigo denim, blend of 50% sugarcane fibers and 50% cotton, with a white/green line selvedge ID.
For the occasion, we also tricked-out our Californian LOT.64 by adding a rear cinch (aka buckle-back), thereby introducing yet another member to the Californian family, the LOT.64 BB “Okinawa” with its midnight blue flasher.

The “Okinawa” denim has enviable fading abilities and will progressively develop a desirable patina overtime, with normal wear/wash cycles.
However, it is less the denim type than the actual wearer that should be credited for amazing fade patterns, as demonstrated by the few jaw-dropping worn specimen of MF® Ranch Blouses sported by friends from Thailand, members of the Pronto Denim gang of workwear aficionados. See some examples below.
Not sure what this fine crew does to those jackets, but the results are incredible! Thank you for the commitment and support, Gentlemen. Don’t hesitate to submit a photo (hi-res) of your worn Ranch Blouse to sales@misterfreedom.com (with your full name for proper credit), we’ll happily add them to this gallery and our Mess of Blues line-up!

Check the full blog post HERE 

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You have Spark ?

You have Spark ?

The other day Danny came by The Garage and captured a few shots of us trying to get Masons bike rolling. 

Kick Kick "have you checked for spark ?"

"You have no Spark" 

Lets Check again. 

Quick break before another go

Shop the kits.. 

Mason wearing

The Flathead 7001 , Sugar Cane Type 3 

TJ Wearing 

The Rite Stuff Heracles Chambray  , Stevenson Overall La Jolla 727  , Redmoon wallet 




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5 things you need to know : The Rite Stuff.

5 things you need to know : The Rite Stuff.

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to become one of the very first retail outlets to offer customers The Rite stuff. 

New brands are always a fun one for us, and we found right away that people wanted to know more... Needless to say we're hyped and very excited to see what they come up with next. So, without any further adoooo,  here it is, 5 things you need to know about The Rite Stuff. 

1- Rite stuff is focused on workwear form the 1920s to 1950s 


2- The Heracles shirt was inspired by work clothing made by Hercules and Powr-House but is not a strict reproduction of any shirt from the past.

3- I began this brand becasue of my frustrations in finding Japanese made shirts that fit me well. Jeans I could get, but shirts have always eluded me, so I decided to start a brand that would wed Japanese level craftsmanship with fits for Western guys.

4 - This is the first step in an ongoing collaboration with John Lofgren

5- Between my interest to make clothes I want to see, and passion for vintage American workwear and Johns deep knowledge of vintage clothing, we hope to keep delivering pleasant surprises though The Rite Stuff.


Check out our first drop from The Rite Stuff Here.  

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5 Things you need to know about: Stevenson Overall Co

5 Things you need to know about: Stevenson Overall Co

Stevenson Overall Co is the equivalent to BAE for us here at The Shop Vancouver. Stevenson is a perfect example of the kinds of people we want to work with, meeting Atsu, his wife and most of the people that work for their company in Japan, only solidified my love for this brand. Not only do they make some of the very best products, but they are great people. Last week I reached out to Atsu and he asked Co-Owner Zip Stevenson to fill me in on 5 things that we may not know about the brand... So here it is, 5 things you need to know about Stevenson Overall Co. 

1.  Stevenson Overalls was an actual brand that existed in Portland, IN in the 1920s and like so many businesses closed down during the Great Depression and we found the brand by chance and revived it so my last name and the name of the brand it's just a coincidence.
2.  At the time that we started the brand there was a culture in Japan of making exact replica's of clothing (especially Levi's) and we wanted to develop something that was inspired by original vintage garments but still had our own identity.  We have updated the fits of the clothing but we still like to use original construction techniques and details
3.   When we started the brand it was based on a receipt/invoice that we found on eBay and for four years we looked and looked and looked to try to find original old Stevenson overall garments but we never found any so we just assumed that the brand was very very small and they only made paper tags on their garments and so when the garments got washed the paper tags would disintegrate and so there would be no way to identify the clothes.  
Finally we found an original pair of trousers that had logo'd buttons so our current hypothesis is that they came out with their own buttons just before they went out of business and so that's why it's so hard to find the original clothing.
4.  We often use mercerized cotton thread because it was how jeans were sewn in the 1800's to 1930's and it's a way to differentiate ourselves from the other folks that are making great jeans
5. The Smile pocket.  We often get asked how we came up with the "smile" back and coin pockets.  We noticed that Jeans after having been worn for a long time the top of the back pocket tends to sag (also the front pockets are also curving) so we thought we could incorporate that detail in our jeans as a way to differentiate ourselves from the other great brands and not just do a copy of Levi's or Lee or the other brands.
You can check out the line of Stevenson Overalls that can be found at The Shop Vancouver Here. Book your private appointment Monday - Friday by emailing VIP@TheShopVancouver.com or Via DM on Instagram.com/TheShopVancouver
Images are from ClutchMagazineJapan.com and Heddles 

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Inappropriate for Instagram Art Show

Inappropriate for Instagram Art Show

On Friday July 21st, The Shop Vancouver will be hosting an inappropriate for Instagram art show featuring 5 artists. This is who they are, in their own words 

Bonnie Gaskin 

Her words "You don't need wings to fly away"  Read Bonnies Bio Here

Cairo Justice 

Her words "Hey My name is Cairo and I'm a huge fucking Bitch."

Darya Kosilova 


Tyler James Goin 

 "Free form gender fluid jazz, The figures portrayed are a reflection - not an escape - of ephemeral mental images of self" 

TJ Schneider


With my last "real"show being almost 7 years ago in Japan, it's was damn time to jump back on the horse. I typically work on smaller scale watercolours, but thought for this show I'll  show some larger scale oil on paper works at the request to see my sketches made larger by the one and only Bob High.


Hope you can make it. 8-11pm Friday July 21 2017. 


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5 Things you need to know : Eat Dust

5 Things you need to know : Eat Dust

Since day 1, Eat Dust has been proudly displayed as one of our favourite brands here at The Shop Vancouver. 

Last week I asked the guys in charge for 5 random facts that people may not know about the brand. 

Rob and Keith of Eat Dust

Here's what they had to say: 

1) Eat Dust is still a 2 men run company. (Rob and Keith) 

2) The 673 that you find on each garment is there because Rob was born in 67 and Keith in 73.

3) Eat Dust started with 2 denim fits, Fit 67 and Fit 73 because these where the type off jean fits they preferred to wear at that time.

4) Although the age difference they had a very similar interest in things growing up. They where at the same Skate contests several times in the past not knowing each other. They only met 21 years later.

5) Both Rob and Keith come from a long back ground in the Denim & Fashion industry. Rob worked for companies like Diesel Jeans, Levis and Lee. Keith for G-star, Lee and Raf Simons.

 and that's it, 5 things you didn't know about Eat Dust. Be sure to check out their newest product to hit our shelves HERE. 

Book your private showing Monday - Friday by Emailing us VIP@TheShopVancouver.com or sliding into our DM's via Instagram @TheShopVancouver

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5 Things you need to know : Tellason

5 Things you need to know : Tellason

I remember buying my first pair of Tellason jeans down in Seattle around 2009, I wore those things into the ground, and loved every minute of it. 

Here we are almost 8 years later and finally Tellason is one of the brands you can find on the shelves at The Shop Vancouver. 

Last week I asked Tellason Co Founder, Pete Searson to let us know 5 things about the brand that , well ... We probably didn't know. 

So here it is, 5 things you need to know about Tellason. 

1.  Tony was the President of the Benny Hill Fan Club for the U.S.A. back in 1982, senior year of HS.

2.  My mom dated a pro golfer named Ken Elsworth from 1967 to 1972.  He was sponsored by La Coste.  She sewed most of her own clothes and used her seam buster to pop off the alligators off his golf shirts and sewed them on most of my clothes.  Tee shirts, jackets, sweaters, it did not matter.  We had no $ but she had caviar dreams and gave me a moment of the country club life every time I wore my gear.

Tellason | Brand Story from Vertical Online on Vimeo.

 3.  Years 1-2 for Tellason was based in Tony’s garage.  All orders were packed using the washer and dryer for a folding table.

4.  House Industries designed our logo.  We gave them two words for inspiration:  “western” and “modern”.  30 minutes later, Andy Cruz (House Ind. co-founder) delivered our logo.  It has not changed since that day.

5.  In 2011, I was speaking to the President of Filson (pre-Fossil $ regime) at a trade show and was carrying on about my 20 year old Mackinaw Jacket.  He asked me what I did and I said that I make jeans with a friend of mine.  Long story short, we ended up making the first blue jean for Filson in their 113 year history.  ( Which we carried at The Shop) 

Shop Tellason




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Early Days

Early Days

I stumbled across this old interview from when we first opened The Shop. Since then a ton has changed, but the idea hasn't. We still love motorcycles, we still offer our customers a space to join us for conversation, and we still strive to have a real and personal connection with each and every brand that we carry... 

tj schneider the shop vancouver best selvedge denim store in bc

Quarterbacks or hockey stars staring down retirement at age 32 might open a car dealership or go into real estate, but what does a pro snowboarder do when it's time to diversify? For longtime Capita pro T.J. Schneider, the issue was forced when one of his other major sponsors bailed on a "sizable lump of cash" owed to him and the Canadian had to examine his options.

In a chain of events involving blind faith, entrepreneurial vigor, good friends, marketing savvy and killer timing, Schneider now finds himself the co-owner of The Shop Vancouver, a moto-themed men's clothing store and micro-café in British Columbia's largest city.



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