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The Shop Vancouver Mens Selvedge Denim Clothing Store

The Items found in The Shop Vancouver are inspired by earlier times, when "fast fashion" didn't exist and products were made to last by people who actually cared about each and every piece they produced. Over the last few years we have rededicated ourselves to bringing in only the highest quality goods produced by people that are paid a fair wage. 

The Shop Vancouver offers one of Canadas largest selections of Rare and Hard to Find Japanese and American Made Selvedge Denim Jeans, and Leather Products from the USA, Japan and Europe. 

Motorcycles are a huge part of our everyday lives, and their inspiration can also be found in the aesthetic of The Shop. We ride and work on motorcycles whenever we have a chance, so we are always looking for clothing that will stand up to that lifestyle. 

 Next time you're in the hood, swing by and say Hi, in the mean time, check out our Instagram @TheShopVancouver 

See ya soon

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THURSDAY - SUNDAY 12:00 - 18:00



DM via @TheShopVancouver on Instagram 

Email VIP@TheShopVancouver.com


432 Columbia Street 

Vancouver BC 



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Q: I'm from out of town, how do I book an appointment to shop at The Shop Vancouver Monday thru Wednesday?

A: Very Easy, You can either email us VIP@TheShopVancouver.com or Hit us with a DM on Instagram @TheShopVancouver and we can talk about booking you a time slot. 

Q: Do you ship?

A: Yes, we ship almost anywhere, we have free shipping on orders within North America over $100

Q: What is your return Policy?

A: Please refer to our Store Policies HERE

Q: Do you sell motorcycles ?

A: No, The Shop has never sold motorcycles, we have always helped our customers find and sell bikes though. 

Q: Aren't you a motorcycle shop ? 

A: Short answer, No. long answer.. Everyone that has ever been a part of The Shop Vancouver has shared a passion for motorcycles, old and new, fast and slow, We pretty much dig em all.  We have always aimed to provide a space that would cultivate a community of people with similar interests, because motorcycles are a huge passion for us, the motorcycle community has been at the forefront. We love motorcycles, but we also love Cameras , Art, Music, Photography.....Are we a motorcycle shop ? No, but many of our products are what you would find riders wearing as early as the 1920s. Since day one we have been a clothing store. 

Q: Why do you delete old stuff ? 

A: Becasue TJ is weird and hates what he likes to call "Digital Hoarding" if you're looking for the old images we have posted to Instagram, you can find 99% of them on our Tumblr page HERE