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  • TJ Schneider

Behind the Look

Behind the Look

I really love this kit ! 

Bucket Hat by TCB , 

These guys will be coming in soon ! 

Y2 SS-13 Steer Hide Camel Shirt 

Our Fall Pre Order delivery on these should also be into The Shop in the next couple of weeks, once all those are sent out and confirmed , we will have a few extras that will hit the site. 

Little Knuck Rider Shirt 

One of my favourite shirts we have done to date, our take on an old bootleg style harley shirt by Disney in the early to mid 80s 

Ironheart 888S

My 21oz 888 is one of my favourite and most worn pair of jeans I own. 

Wesco X The Shop Short Morrison 

Our newest Horse Hide boot with Wesco Boots . Its a little bit of everything and I love all of it. Pre order is open Now 


photos by @motorcyclesonly 

  • TJ Schneider