Curated collection of quality brands from around the world. Many of which can only be found in Canada at The Shop Vancouver.

I remember learning about Eat Dust years ago from a photo shoot by one of our homies Michael Schmitt that found it's way into Dice Magazine. Good cuts, babes and they dug motorcycles.. I was in. 

When we decided to open The Shop, Rob and Keith at Eat Dust were 2 of the very first people I contacted. Based in Belgium Eat Dust is one of our favourite brands and we are super hyped to have these cats as part of our team. 

Fullcount is one of the original Osaka 5 denim companies, and we are very very proud to be their only dealer in Western Canada. 

As with all the companies we work with, we start with a small offering and aim to grow with each and everyone of them.. I am very excited about these guys !


It had been talked about for years, but the decision to bring in Iron Heart didn't happen until we had a chance to meet with Giles and Paula in Japan and then again in their home town of Gosport London. 

Talking with Giles I felt like we shared a lot of the same views, from how products should be made, how you should believe and trust the people you surround yourself with and a love of single cylinder thumpers.. We are beyond hyped to offer our customers products from Iron Heart. 

Iron Heart is a Japanese based clothing company that was founded in 2003 that focuses on classic American style workwear, with a particular emphasis on motorcycle appropriate clothes. Perfect for The Shop ! 

The Shop Vancouver's  Carefully Curated Collection Of Quality Leather Products From Around The World.

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Selection of new items that have found their way into our little home.

Everything you wear on top. 


James Dean, Marlon Brando... The Ramones.... 

Yeah. We had to have it. 

We are beyond hyped to be one of the only Schott dealers in Western Canada. 

Leather Jackets that are Made In The USA 

The Shop Vancouver Curated Collection Of Rare & Hard To Find Japanese and American Selvedge Denim Jeans, Jackets, Vests and Shirts.

Tom and Asako at Toyo Enterprises in Japan are gems!  When the opportunity to bring in Sugar Cane presented itself to us here at The Shop we jumped on it. 

Over the years we've seen a lot of buzz popping up about the TCB brand.. Clutch Magazine, Loomstate blog and on pretty much the hottest thread on SuperFuture.. We had to take a closer look. 

Straight out of Japan with some of the very best selvedge denim in the world, TCB is known as one of the top four brands found in Okayama Japan... 

After meeting Inoue in Japan, we've increased our selection to include nearly every cut his small team produces.

Great product, and great people. TCB or The Two Cats Brand is one of our favourites in The Shop Vancouver. 

When Peter at Tellason called us up a few months ago and told me that a mutual friend of ours Matt Sharkey said they should give us a call, I knew they were a perfect fit for us here at The Shop. I've known Matt for nearly 15 years and he is one of my favourite people in the world. Matt is one of those guys thats beyond talented and always seems to have his hands in the coolest projects. When I found out that Matt played a roll in helping launch the Tellason brand and saw how highly he speaks of the cats at Tellason, I knew they were a perfect fit for us here at The Shop . 

Based in San Francisco, using Cone Mills denim. We are beyond hyped to have them be apart of The Shop Vancouver. 




Note all items are NEW and in Unworn condition however may have some light shelf wear. 


I began my journey into this classic clothing scene a mere four years ago when I ran across the words "selvedge denim" online and wondered what the heck that meant. Tumbling down into the rabbit hole, I found out all I could. After years of trying many brands, I realized that many Japanese-made garments didn't fit me, and other Westerners, the way I wanted, especially shirts.

Thus, I decided to do something about it, and so The Rite Stuff was born as part of a quest to combine Japanese fabrics and craftsmanship with Western fits, and a focus on early- to mid-century aesthetics. Working with John Lofgren and his wonderful staff in Japan, that's closer to becoming a reality each day.

We hope you enjoy the ride just as much as we have!