TCB Jeans

T.C.B JK Japanese Denim Chore Jacket


TCB Jeans

T.C.B JK Japanese Denim Chore Jacket


Light ounce cell Vittorio blood of 10.5oz using US cotton natural natural irregularities

Indigo color has adopted the denim birth original color.

Ear, as adopted image of a white ear is an image, such as the Jeruto of LEE.

  This fabric is, by implanting yarn of charcoal gray of the top in the weft

It has become a deep indigo color.


Derrick is 5'11" 190 lbs and is wearing a size 42. 

Size dimensions is
Chest chest103cm

Shoulder shoulder width40cm

Length back length63cm

Sleeve length sleeve length61cm

Chest chest108cm

Shoulder shoulder width42.5cm

Length back length65cm

Sleeve length sleeve length62cm

Chest chest113cm

Shoulder shoulder width45cm

Length back length67cm

Sleeve length sleeve length63cm

Chest chest118cm

Shoulder shoulder width47.5cm

Length back length69cm

Sleeve length sleeve length64cm

Chest chest123cm

Shoulder shoulder width50cm

Length back length71cm

Sleeve length sleeve length65cm