Double Helix

The Shop X Double Helix Western Cowboy two 1.5mm Oiled Waxed Horsehide Jacket


Double Helix

The Shop X Double Helix Western Cowboy two 1.5mm Oiled Waxed Horsehide Jacket



The better part of a year in the making.

I am very excited about teaming up with Japans Double Helix Works to make something very special only for The Shop Vancouver.

Our Western Cowboy 2 exclusive collaboration jacket, uses an insanely supple 1.5mm aniline, pigment free finished, oiled and wax Horsehide. 

To give you an idea of how special this jacket is. Only about 2-3% of raw hides meet the quality standards for the leather we used on this jacket, and it shows. 

The hand on this jacket is truly next level. 


The Western Cowboy 2 features 

2 Riveted front breast pockets, one with a flap closure and one open. 

1.3-1.5mm Oiled, waxed, pigment free aniline finished horsehide. 

Vintage style "Union Made" buttons 

1930s style buckle back. 

100% cotton lining with our custom woven The Shop Vancouver tag. 


These fit pretty true to size.

I'm just shy of 6'1" around 185Lbs . 

I personally wear a size 40in this piece.

For comparison I wear

40 in Schott 613

40 in Fine Creek and most Y2 leather jackets. 

42 in our Y2 Westerns Collaborations

Large in Iron heart UHF Western shirts. 

Typically a Medium in most North American brands

Large in Japanese

Typical to any denim style cut leather jackets, these feel tight across the back until the leather is worn and opens up to your personal shape. 

If you have broad shoulders, you may want to consider sizing up. 

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up directly, text 604 229 2134. 

or email vip@theshopvancouver.com



 Double helix is ​​the first time that oiled horse leather has been made. The most distinctive feature is that the oil is slowly soaked in, and the texture that fits in your hand is comfortable, and the depth increases as you use it, giving it a luxurious look. There is no other material that gives you a sense of sophistication and dignity while having a leather-like texture. The material that is considered to be beautiful after aging is not only the high quality of raw leather, but also the material with a high degree of perfection as dye leather.

(Thickness: 1.4mm-1.6mm)