Y-2 Leather

The Shop X Y'2 Leather IS-13 Indigo Horse Hide Western Shirt


Y-2 Leather

The Shop X Y'2 Leather IS-13 Indigo Horse Hide Western Shirt


Hey Yall !

Very hyped to announce that our books are open on our Newest rendition of our Horse Hide Western Shirt Collaboration with Y2 Leather out of Japan. 

Our next small batch of extra stock is expected March 2022


I am beyond excited to share with you our latest collaboration piece from Y2 Leather our of Japan

Working of the success of our first collaboration based off their classic Western shirt using using a light horse, this time around we decided to go with the indigo dyed horse that they are known for 

Indigo on horse hide is an extremely difficult process that not many tanneries are willing to to even attempt. 

At first the 1-1.2mm thick hide is fairly stiff but quickly takes shape and will turn into a piece that you will absolutely love for years to come. 

I originally Tested my own personal horse hide western on and off the bike, in the pouring rain and even in the snow.. 

I was surprised at how well this piece kept me dry.. and I have been blown away by how well this is not only worn as an over shirt , but a light jacket that I've been layering all winter.  

These fit on the snug side so please read the sizing chart and ask questions if you have any 

I personally measure 39.5" around the chest , and usually wear a size 40

I wear a Size Large Ironheart UHF,

Medium in most North American sized tops and Large in those made in Japan .. 

and I wear a Size 42 in this shirt, 

I had a buddy of mine come in today who measures 45" snug and 46 comfortably , Wears an XXL in an Ironheart UHF , XL in North American shirts like Dehen , XXL in Japanese, and he wears a 48 in these. 

In general most people seem to go one size up from what they measure. 

If you're a 42 chest order a 44 ect , as they seem to fit about one full size small. 

MATERIAL:  indigo Dyed Horse Hide


If you have any questions just message me @theshopvancouver on instagram and we can get you sorted